Subsidiary companies

H Project s.r.o. is an engineering and design company, that focuses on the delivery of projects, design activities and various forms of technical support during the production and installation of technological equipment, especially in the chemical, petrochemical and power engineering industry.

The company has participated and continues to participate in a number of very demanding and vast projects. It proves the high professional level and quality of work, for which the company get an important position in its field. A positive factor in the recent years is the renewed focus of the company on contracts in the nuclear industry, where the company has a vast experience and know-how.

The director of the company is a member of Senate of the Association of Mechanical Engineers of the Czech Republic.

H Project works in the following industries:

  • Gas and petrochemical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Power industry including nuclear industry

H Project provides its services in the following areas:

  • Design and manufacturing documentation
  • Design calculations
  • Stress analyses calculations
  • Steel structures design including static calculation
  • Assembly of technology equipment

Chosen references:

  • Basrah (Iraq)
    Design and manufacturing documentation of column C-5101, C-102, C-103
  • Naftan Novopolotsk (Belarus)
    Complete processing of project including documentation and delivery for column K-501
  • Kaolin Factory Dong-Hoi (Vietnam)
    Rectangular tank manufacturing documentation
  • Cherkassy (Ukraine)
    Vertical heat exchanger C
  • Lovochemie Lovosice (Czech Republic)
    Reactor manufacturing documentation
  • Chropyne (Czech Republic)
    Project of hazardous waste incinerator reconstruction
  • Dukan (Iraq)
    Vessels and heat exchangers manufacturing documentation
    Degasser V-4003
Basrah, Iraq: Column

Basrah, Iraq: Column

Naftan Novopolotsk, Belarus: Column

Naftan Novopolotsk, Belarus: Column

Technip – Unipetrol RPA – Dagasser V-4003

Technip – Unipetrol RPA – Dagasser V-4003