The production of ammonia Cherepovets II (Rusko)
Delivery of technological equipment of the cooling unit (CHEMOPROJECT NITROGEN a.s.)

Azomures (Romania)
Technical supervision during the implementation of electrical part of the project (Chemoprojekt, a.s.)

Flare unit, Basrah refinery (Iraq)
Basic Design (Chemoprojekt, a.s.)

Boiler unit, Basrah refinery (Iraq)
Basic Design (Chemoprojekt, a.s.)

The production of ammonia Kingisepp II (Russia)
Basic Design of the auxiliary units (Chemoprojekt, a.s.)

Consultant DVZ, high-pressure pipeline DN 1000 PN 73,5 STORK II (Czech Republic)
Basic and Detail design of pipeline (NET4GAS s.r.o.)

Framework contract for repair solutions of pipeline DN 1400 PN 80 Gazella (Czech Republic)
(AO “Strojtransgaz”, organizational unit)

Adjustment of reduced coverage of the pipeline DN 300 PN 63 (Czech Republic)
Project documentation (NET4GAS, s.r.o.)

Modification of commercial measurement at the transfer stations (Czech Republic)
Project documentation (NET4GAS, s.r.o.)

Distribution node RU 01 Malesovice (Czech Republic)
Project documentation (NET4GAS, s.r.o.)

Compression station KS10, replacement of fittings T10 NA, DN 100, Hall TPK Veseli nad Luznici (Czech Republic)
Project documentation (NET4GAS, s.r.o.)

Reconstruction of waypoint seal TU26, DN 800, PN 73.5 Lhota pod Hora (Czech Republic)
Project documentation (NET4GAS, s.r.o.)

Construction work of high-pressure gas pipeline DN 500 PN 40 (Czech Republic)
Project documentation (Prazska plynarenska Distribuce, a.s.)

OSBL part of the polyethylene plant UNIPETROL RPA s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Detail Design, delivery and assembly of devices (UNIPETROL RPA s.r.o.)

Cooling water system (Russia)
Delivery of complete cooling water system

Flare unit, Basra refinery (Iraq)
Detail Design

Sulphuric acid unit (Czech Republic)
Revamping study

Sulphuric acid unit reconstruction (Czech Republic)
Project documentation

Production of NPK fertiliser (Czech Republic)
EPC project

Sulphuric acid unit (Czech Republic)
EPC project

Polypropylene unit, (Slovak Republic)
Detail design for civil part and steel structures related with PP ISBL. EPC PP pellet silos storage facilities

TBA production (Slovak Republic)
Technical and economy study

Chlorine refining unit (Russia)
Project documentation

Ammonia storage and unloading (Hungary)
EPC project

Polyphenylenether unit (China)
Extended Basic design, procurement, consultancy, supply of proprietary equipment, supervision at the site and during commissioning period.

Sulphuric acid unit reconstruction (Belarus)
Basic and Detail design of SO2 conversion reactor

Hydrogen peroxide unit (Spain)
Detail design of piping

Monochloracetic acid unit (China)
Basic design, commissioning, supervision, test run and start-up assistance

Boilers, Basra refinery (Iraq)
Detail Design

Nitrogen unit (Iraq)
EPC project (capacity 1 500 Nm3/hr)

Crude distillation unit, Dukan refinery (Iraq)
EPC project (crude distillation 1 ml. t/ year)

Isomerization unit, Basra refinery (Iraq)
Detail design, procurement, supervision of erection, commissioning, start-up, trial run and performance guarantee test, training of personnel

Butadiene production unit (Czech Republic)
EPC project (capacity: 120 000 MTPY, technology: licence JSR Corporation Japan)

Renewal of storage capacity for fuels (Czech Republic)
EPC project

Corinth refinery upgrading (Greece)
Detail design, start-up, trial run and supervision

Hydrogen unit (Hungary)
Detail design (incl. piping, mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation part), licence Haldor Topsoe

Rehabilitation of Natural gas unit (Russian Federation)
Basic design

Gasification liquid by-products for fuel gas production (Czech Republic)
EPC project

Hydrogen unit (Belarus)
Basic design, Detail design, supervision

Vacuum distillation revamp (Uzbekistan)
Basic design, Detail design, supervision, start-up

Silica activation units (Czech Republic)
Basic design a Detail design, supervision

Polyolefin storage (Czech Republic)
EPC project

Carbohydrate storage (Czech Republic)
EPC project

Mazeikiai (Lithuania)
Visbreaker Vacuum Flasher – performance test

Panchevo (Serbia)
Oil refinery modernization, Detail Design of Hydrocrack comple

Spolchemie (Czech Republic)
Transfer to membrane electrolysis – Senior process engineer for Detail Design (in and out of use), leading and coordinating the meetings with clients/ licensors/ subcontractors. Management of all process duties related to the project.

UGS Chiren (Bulgaria)
Check and rating of gas extraction and gas injection process

UGS Wierzchowicze (Poland)
Process design of object 400 – commercial metering station

UGS Wierzchowicze (Poland)
Process design of object 600 – treatment equipment and technology of technological measurement of extracted natural gas

CCPP Pocerady (Czech Republic)
Gas management process design (pipelines, measuring and regulating stations, equipment for fine filtration and gas heating)

Gas pipeline DN 1400 PN 80 (Czech Republic)
Detail Design, As-built documentation

GMRS Plana nad Luznici (Czech Republic)
Process Design and Detail Design of measuring and regulating station and gas pipeline for Heating Plant Plana

Compressor station Narjan-Mar (Russia)
Detail Design

Regulating station for Glaverbel Teplice (Czech Republic)
Basic and Detail Design

Mochovce (Slovak Republic)
Completion of 3rd and 4th blocks of nuclear power plant Mochovce – Project Engineer senior

Basrah refinery (Iraq)
Catalytic reforming unit, licence AXENS – Project Engineer senior

Baiji refinery (Iraq)
Completion of the isomerization, licence UOP England – Project Engineer senior

Novopolock (Balarus)
Reconstruction of primary oil processing AT-8, new unit AT-2 – Project Manager